Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Stop The Divorce

If you made the steps to file for divorce, have done all the negotiating and then started to have second thoughts but felt as if it was too late and now you are in divorce court can you still change your mind? The answer to that question is YES! You can always change your mind […]

Avoiding Divorce

Divorce is usually the last resort although these days it seems the quick and easy go to when things get a little hard. It’s sad that marriage isn’t as sacrade as it once was. There was a time that when you said your vows it was serious and meant something. Now I believe that some […]

Saving Your Marriage For Your Kids

Should you save your marriage just for the childrens sake? A lot of couples think it’s better to just stick it out for the kids sake, but in many cases this isn’t always the best choice. Many times it is actually worse on the kids to see their parents fighting all the time or one […]

Stop The Rising Divorce Rate-Save Your Marriage

Marriage has many benefits, not only socially but physically as well!! Did you know that it’s a proven fact that people who are married live longer and are healthier than their single counterparts? Not to mention the social stigma attached with divorce. It is also a proven fact that those people who have gotten a […]

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